Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hi Friends, 
2016 is here! We've had three birthdays in our family already and one more to go! Gotta keep on top of things. Ha. We're glad 2015 is over to be truthful. We had lots of stress but it was also offset with blessings too. The birth of our third grandchild was a highlight. Our second granddaughter and she is a beauty and a busy happy little girl. Full of curiosity and is only 8 months old. She was trying to turn on the TV the other day by pushing the buttons on the Xbox remote which is how momma and daddy turn it on.  Then just Monday she made a video selfie all by herself.  There was lots of ceiling and one time we saw her face and she did express frustration with the thing not working how she wanted. I laughed and laughed.  They are so fun! Our oldest granddaughter just turned 9. They grow up too those grandbabies. Darn.  I just love their innocence.
Here's what's happening at the Haven (aka Sue's Scrapbooking Haven).  I'm going to regularly work on the blog and get some tutorials etc put on here. I recently got a Cricut Explore and am excited about it and the things it can do but it will take some using it to get acclimated to Design Space. It does only use Design Space to operate but this wasn't a biggie for me since I used Cricut Craftroom all the time anyway. I only had to take my computer and the machine to crops and not my entire library of cartridges (I do need wifi for that though). That said, Design Space is more like a photo editor style but yet not.  I like that my cartridges migrated directly to Design Space once I logged in, but I don't like that I have to constantly tell the software I only want to look at my cartridges and not all the 50,000 images that come with Design Space if you pay the monthly fee. I have to find a way to stop that from happening. I'll look at the ones to purchase if I don't have the image I want on my cartridges. Can you tell that is annoying me?  I'm not the best at sizing either so if anyone has a cheat sheet let me know for sizing. I made a wee little card because I thought it was the right size. The good thing about that is the Explore cut it perfectly so that made me happy.
I made Christmas cards and envelopes and birthday cards it is fairly simple and the cuts are awesome. I haven't gotten any .svg files to monkey with yet but...I will.  I've changed the cut to print and the print to cut options and that has gone well. I've used the markers and pens, the pens were too fine for what I had it write. American Crafts pens are the same style as the cricut pens. I could only find the pens (the super fine markers) from Cricut though. I finally found out how to take a scanned image and get it to cut out. That was the hardest information to find. I have all these images that I want to cut out and color. I am an adult colorist. It is an activity I can do when I'm sitting in front of the television. I have Copic Markers and Prima Watercolor Pencils and love them both. The Prima really do water color nicely.  I have water color brushes that are really fun to use when you are coloring a small image. All you do is fill them with water and squeeze them to get the consistency you need. I use them on all paper not just water color paper. I use my heat gun to dry it if I want using the Tim Holtz heat gun from Ranger. I suggest getting them on line because they are outrageously priced locally here.

Prima Marketing Inc Water color brushes. They have different tips. They have covers, not shown.
I recently found Stephanie Barnards website (thestampsoflife.com) because I love her designs and most of them have a die with them. Plus, the Stampers Secret Weapon a pad I can use when stamping to get a good image. It's only available from her store. I know I have the Cricut but if I'm making something that isn't pre-designed it is easier to just pull out a die especially when I have a stamp that coordinates. I also love love Phyllis Harris' designs. She sells stamps at Unity Stamp Co. plus has an Etsy store.  Her focus is primarily children and their look at life in her designs. She has coloring books. That are awesome.
Then there is Illustrated Faith with Shana Noel. She is partnered with Bella Blvd and DaySpring. I have her Bible journaling items in my store. But she and Bella Blvd are coming out with a whole bunch of new items in February after the Crafters convention in January (CHA) I really love her paper, well everything she has developed. I should be getting some of those items in the store in February.
That's the deal from here. Hope you're year has started out great and continues.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Card Making with Teresa Collins Nine & Co. Paper Line

Card making has been hard for me and that makes it not my best suit. But I entered this card challenge in my scrapbooking group and I've had 6 months to create these cards. I'm really glad about that. I have looked at handmade cards on Pinterest, in magazines, etc. I have finally found that I can only do them well when I follow a photo and/or instructions. My first batch I will give to no one! I'm chalking it up to learning experience. I've made cards from a pre cut set that you just put together. Those are easy peasy. But I've moved on to making my own from "scratch."  So what I did with the following three cards. I found a photo in a cardmaking magazine, opened it up to the one I liked and read the instructions keeping the photo in front of me at all times! The magazine included a stamp so I used that on one of the cards and colored it in with pencils. Less messy for me than markers. A friend taught me how to color with pencils, amazing difference.
1. I used a white card stock card purchased from Michaels then I layered paper from Nine&Co added some embellishments and stamp sayings and faux stitched around the paper using my black or brown pencil.
2. After many failed attempts I've decided that I will only use black or brown to stamp wording and put it on a white background. Also if I mess up my stamping it is better to have a "distressed" looking stamp than one I've tried to stamp over.
3.If I'm coloring in a stamp I will stamp it with black. Here's photos of the cards I made so far. These I will give away. Now I think I do like making cards.
4. Also by learning that I need to follow a sketch or laid out plan, I can have much better looking pages.
Let me know what you think!  Sue

 Sorry this photo is fuzzy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Using Gelato Sticks from Faber Castell

I recently took some time to figure out these Gelato Sticks from Faber Castell Design Memory Craft. Did I have a fun time. They are kind of like a really soft crayon. So I got a cheap wood digitally cut frame with all this detail on it and colored it with two of my Gelato colors, grape and blueberry. I had a fun short time coloring two colors onto this 5x7 frame. Then I got my Ranger Mini-Mister filled it with water and spritzed the frame lightly. I then rubbed the colors in with a foamy. They blended together nicely and filled in the framing nicely. After it dried to let the wood grain show through. Easy Easy!
I watched a You Tube video about Gelatos and it had several things you can make with these sticks. They cut pieces off the stick and smashed it together and created a raised effect on a frame like a leaf.
I'm sure any of you could come up with wonderful ideas for these sticks! I included the link to the main page for the Gelatos. I got the mix and match 4 color package. It has a blue paint brush.
Faber Castell Gelato Sticks

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Photo Pocket Page Scrapbooking

Hello scrappy friends,
I have some photos about my Photo Page scrapbooking. I like it a little better now since I found out about We R Memory Keepers Photo Page Protectors which you can purchase at my store http://stores.legacymemoriesinc.com. They offer more "open spaces" to be creative in ways other than journaling cards. I also now own a Vagabond Embosser/Cutter and am trying that out on some embellishments and die shapes. It doesn't feel like such a big production to create some shapes etc for the pages. I have filled up four 12x12 ring binders with pages of photos. I am now up to the older family photos. Thankfully We R offers a 12x12 page that is 9 4x4 pockets. The older black and whites are that size and slide right in there. Makes me a very happy Photo Aficionado (or however you spell it).
Here's some of my favorite photo pages from this summer:
 Our granddaughter has a new "big" girl car seat. This pocket page has 3 places for 6x4 photos and a large 6x12 spot for more creativity or a bigger photo.
 This pocket page has 4- 4x6 pockets and one 4x12 pocket. I added some journaling on a card on the one bottom photo. It was an empty space on the photo.
 This is the same pocket page I chose big words put in the large pocket space and then I picked a tag and stamped the date on it. I'm forever wanting to know dates. The photos speak for themselves. Cute!
I photographed this one to show you that I used a sheet that has all 3x4 pockets with the exception of one. I put my favorite photo in the 4x6 pocket and then I took the other photos and cut them to 3x4 size but matched them together so they look like one photo. This is a Project Life Becky Higgins Packet page. I added some mats and embellished some journaling mats also. Easy peasy!
This page is 8-1/2 x 11. I used it because it had pockets for vertical photos. It has 2-3x4 pockets, 2-vertical 4x6 and 2-horizontal 4x6. I shortened up the 2 vertical photos and added a mat background with a splash and sandels to break up the photos a bit. The top left is the title mat and the middle 3x4 is journaling as is probably obvious. These pockets are Becky Higgins project life. I have them at my store legacymemoriesinc.com

Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's Saturday and I want to review how I have come along on my project life. Well, mine isn't a project life. I'm putting in pictures from years gone by. As I'm trying to catch up to this year with them I'm reliving lots of times. I love photos. I'm so glad I wrote on the photos some of the particulars and that some of them are coming back to me. To give you an example, our granddaughter had this funny thing she could do with her upper lip which was to move it back and forth and not move her lower jaw. It was a sort of humming sound kind of like a humming bird. I had forgotten that until I was adding in these photos. What fun to try to do it myself...still can't. She was so cute doing that motion well she is cute no matter what she does (gramma).
I'm so happy for the paper companies who have embraced the journaling cut outs that they include with their packs. I have been happily cutting those out and putting them in my stash to sort through later. I have purchased a couple desk top sorters (suggestion from a Big Picture Class Teacher) to put them in and to keep them handy when I'm scrapping. I added in some scissors and ruler and I keep my cutters close at hand as well as my tape glider and Zig Glue pens. I also have some washii tape in them as well. On the Becky Higgins style pages someone suggested taping the tops with washii tape to keep the photos contained. The photos like to fall out when moved around or heaven forbid your photo book gets turned upside down. Mine have fallen out a couple times and that is a big pain. I also put my extra empty pocket pages in a D-ring photo book separated by dividers for each type of page so I can easily find the pocket page I want. We R Memory Keepers are my favorite. Did I already say that... 
Persnickety Prints-- I've ordered photos on two types of paper. One is photographic paper that is nice but too thin for me. So I ordered cardstock last time. They round the corners for you if you request it. I like the weight of the cardstock, they have a nice smooth matte finish but they warned me that some clarity would be lost and they were correct. They also seem a bit darker. Now I'm stuck. I guess I will put in a phone call to them and see what I can do next. Their package arrives quickly and so far I'm happy with them over all and if you have Instagram photos to print they do it!
My electronic cutter has been the best at cutting out the papers I want to add to the albums. I use the Cricut Craft Room on line and arrange the sizing I want on the virtual mat and then cut. I have four pages created for cuts now that I've saved (yes I can save them) and with the purchase of the new Artbooking Cartridge from Close to My Heart I have even more options. I'm still fiddling with the sizing for my pockets with the cartridge but we'll get there.You can do flags, folder with tabs, call outs and tags to name just a few!
I'm planning to incorporate my stamps into the  pages but have not done so yet. I created a self made 6x6 book of all my stamps stamped onto sheets and have organized them by the number on the stamp folder then stored them in my case so if I want a particular design I pick it from the book and go right to it in my case. The time it took to do that organizing plan has been worth it in the time and energy I save looking through all my stamps to find the one that works!! Thank you whoever posted those ideas on Pinterest.  O.k. I know I need to add some pictures I will see if I can get some good ones. See you next time!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello it's the end of September! Where did August go and now September? Time does get faster the older you get. I never feel like I've gotten enough done in the day so then I'm up half  the night. It's never ending. Aaaaaah!
Alright I'm back to normal now. For the past two months I've been diligently using the Project Life scrapbooking system. I like the idea but it was leaving me feeling like I had gone back in time and was just putting my photos into pocket pages again. I always seemed to need a pocket page with a vertical photo pocket and not horizontal or vice versa or both. I went to the design A Becky Higgins photo pocket pages which is four horizontal 4x6 pockets and 4 vertical 3x4 pockets. These pockets were easier on my frustration level and I have filled up almost three 12x12 D Ring albums but not all even have the 3x4 cards in them nor is anything journaled. I have to go back to them. I tried the smaller photos that some people print from Instagram. The photos were too small for me and I didn't want or need to journal on each photo. I did find a photo printer called Persnickety Prints that will print on cardstock. I ordered some photos on that type of paper and I will let you know what I think. After much trial and error. This is what I've come to:
1.I prefer WeRMemory Keepers photo pocket pages. They are heavier duty, a little thicker and have (my favorite) pockets for a header, a "sider" or an "edger." They have pages with vertical and horizontal pockets on the same page with a space to be creative. I feel like I've broken through a barrier and I can create again.
2. I have to use D Ring albums for ease of use (not storage).
3. I have to cut out my own papers for the inserts 4x6 or 3x4. Part of scrapbooking is picking the paper and placing the photos on it. I have to do that for my Project Life Albums. I use my electronic cutter.
I can truly say I like them, the ones that I have done the above way. I have a fortune in pages by Becky Higgins. Maybe I can sell them used who knows. So this is my story for August and September. Now I have to take time to finish my grandbabies Halloween costumes for this year or I will be in big big trouble. :-)

Hope you are getting some cropping in at lease once a week. You need that time to just unwind with your hobby. Put it in your schedule.
Remember your memories your legacy.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's Hot!

Yes, July temps have been in the 90's this week. Hot for the middle of Michigan. I just finished a productive sale on my ebay store and am glad for a break. Lots of packing and shipping. I love scrapbooking products and am always on the look out for new and interesting items. This item isn't new but I have lots in stock now. The Scrap n Easel. It is a very handy tool for the scrapbookers fatigue. At a recent two day crop, I started out not using it but had to get it out when my pages started getting fuzzy and I got a neck ache. Once I'm on a roll I hate to stop. I finished nine layouts that time! Woohoo!
I've added some photos. It's all about my grandbabies. They are so cute!
Used Echopark paper A Perfect Summer for part of this layout

Close to My Heart paper and embellishments: it isn't a school theme but it was perfect for our girly girl

more Close To My Heart paper

More of "A Perfect Summer" Paper from Echo Park

Hey, that's a Minion!

Cinnamon Core Edition

Blush Core Edition
Honey Core Edition

Speaking of hot! I got some Project Life Kits in, Blush, Cinnamon and Honey. I sold out of the Honey core kit. I'm working on a Project Life Album. It's a paradigm shift for me. I'm back to putting photos in a page protector with a twist. I have completed lots of pages, however. I did make some of my own inserts for a Halloween layout and am thinking of some die cuts to add. I figured out the sizes on my cricut and cut them out that way with rounded corners and everything. Becky Higgins says to do that if you want her kits are so versatile. I did have a 12x12 paper pack that I cut some more double sided 4x6. Her idea was to have lots of journaling. I can journal lots but I don't want to repeat what the photo shows me. As I said, lots to think about. My sister tried it but it still takes lots of thought. She doesn't normally scrapbook but wanted to do this for her grandson graduating from high school. She's love to take pictures though. Here's a couple layouts from my album.
First page of the album-my notes on the bottom left.

a random page of grampa and grandson time   

another random page